Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation

This is a totally novel method of skin rejuvenation that Eastern Suburbs Dermatology is pleased to provide to our patients.

It is a non-invasive biophotonic treatment which consists of the application of a biophotonic gel to the area to be treated followed by LED light activation. There is virtually no downtime with this treatment. This process has been scientifically proven to stimulate your own skin cells to produce up to a 400% increase in collagen production.

This innovative treatment has been available in Europe for 2 years now and has now received TGA approval for its use in Australia. The combination of the gel and LED light produces fluorescent light energy that stimulates your body’s collagen producing cells.

Side effects that are experienced are minimal but may include temporary redness and swelling especially in fairer skin types and hyperpigmentation (bronzing) in darker skin types.

The recommended program of treatment consists of 4 treatment sessions, once weekly. The full effect of the treatments can take up to 6 months to be fully realised. Areas which are suitable for this form of rejuvenation includes the face, neck, décolletage area and back of the hands. Your complexion improves by induction of collagen which reduces fine lines, pore size and also reduces the visibility of scars.


How is the treatment performed?

Some patients report an improvement in their skin even following one treatment, however it is important to understand the full benefit of the 4 treatments can take up to 6 months to be seen.